Artistic Director

The Founder of VIVO – LEM SIAW KIAT

1991 – Came into contact with Chinese music, started majoring in dulcimer and then percussion. Learnt percussion from Singaporean percussionist Wong Xi Xi, Lee Xiao Yun (Singapore Chinese Orchestra Dulcimer musician), Shi Xue Zhi (Lecturer from Xi`an conservatory of music), Wong Jian Hua (Professor from The Central Conservatory of Music), Choo Zong Qing, He Hong Qi, Wu Pei Qing.

2001 – Completed training from the short course Master class for Conductor organized by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Music Director Yan Hui Chang and PCCO Music Director Chew Hee Chiat.

2002~2005 – Repeatedly being invited to participated in various performances. Joined Nyoba Kan in performing percussion for a contemporary choreography entitled “The God of Wealth Arrives” as an impromptu creative street performance. Jointly invited with three children theatrical arts drama as the performing guests for International Theatrical Carnival the during Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival (ACT) . Participated in the composition and live performance of a children drama entitled “Hansel and Gretel”; this subsequently won the Best Drama Music Composition Award. Involved in the choreography of Nyoba Kan entitled “Phoenix Rises”. Continuously being invited to perform in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Shanghai, and etc. ever since.

2005~2006 – Completed the 912 drama course, performing the drama entitled “A Failed Life”. Casted as the witch in “TAUKE – The Return of A-Mah”and different roles in a children drama entitled “亲自乐豆豆” which garnered widespread acclamation. Was invited to AIFM for an interview and live performance in June 2006, and received the Best Conductor Award in the National Chinese Orchestra Competition.

2007 – Received the Best Supporting Actress Award during the 6th award ceremony. Participated in a Singapore production entitled “Ah Long Pte Ltd”, which was directed by Neo Chee Keong. Produced creative works include: “Emotion” mini band, “Undergo” piano piece, “Kukumi” Hansel and Gretel original soundtrack, “Happiness” mini band, “Phoenix Rises-percussion improvisation”, “The God of Wealth Arrives- percussion improvisation”, “Xun” and “Mi” piano pieces, and “Funtasia 2 –scripts writer”.

March 2010 – Participated in the conductor class organized by Hong Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and hosted by Yan Hui Chang and Chew Hee Chiat .

April 2012 – Graduated from the conductor class jointly organized by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and hosted by Yan Hui Chang.

Note: Wumi is passionate about arts because of the opportunities arisen from creative works and learning experiences that allow her to notice her own weaknesses to break through and nurture her sense of adventure. This cannot be verbally expressed, especially in a country where veteran artists struggle to survive. Because it is never simple, Wumi needs to give all she has to manage and take care of her arts career. She is persistent about spreading the seeds of happiness to every corner of the world, to unleash the spirit of VEO – Playing music with our love, touching you with our passion.