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Mr.Dennis Lee have extensive experience in advising commercial and individual clients in the creative, media, entertainment, retail, fashion, IT and leisure industries on various aspects of intellectual property law, both from a contentious and non-contentious perspective.

The areas of law that he have most experience working in includes copyright, trade mark, design, patent, confidentiality, commercial IP contracts, licensing, gallery and art exhibition contracts, agreements for various stages of film and television production and distribution, agreements for live performances, branding, passing off, trade mark or copyright disputes and R&D contracts. He also assist and advise on the negotiation and drafting of legal documentation and also on any disputes relating to trade mark or copyright infringements, passing off, design or patent licensing disputes.

For the last four years Mr Dennis Lee have been rated by Chambers and Partners as a leader in the field of intellectual property law:

This is an honour to invite Mr. Dennis Lee as our legal advisor, to advice the knowledge of copyright issues.
李光泰律師(Dennis Lee),目前定居於英國,並在Michelmores LLP從事知識產權律師。 在有爭議和無爭議的角度之下,提供知識產權法律諮詢擁有廣泛的經驗,牽涉領域包括:創意、媒體、娛樂、零售、時尚、資訊科技及休閒。除此之外,李氏的工作範圍也包括:版權、商標、設計、專利、機密、商業IP的合約、執照、畫廊及藝術展覽合約,還有不同階段的電影和電視製作與生產協議、現場演出的協議品牌推廣、冒充、商標或版權的爭議及R&D合約等等,提供法律協助與建議於談判與起草法律文件,還有對任何爭端有關的商標或侵害版權、 冒充、 設計或專利執照糾紛的建議。
過去的四年中,李氏被評為Chambers and Partners公司的知識產權法領域的領導者:http://www.chambersandpartners.com/uk/Firms/99999999-34373/516339

Chew Hee Chiat

Composer and conductor Chew Hee Chiat has been carving an important niche in Chinese music over the last decade. Currently the Resident Conductor with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, he has been playing an active and diverse role that covers conducting, arrangement and instrumentation for its numerous concerts since he joined the Orchestra in June 2002. Some of the notable occasions include the Opening Rally of the Hong Kong Dizi and Xiao Festival in 2005, in which more than 500 players performed his work, A Celebration of Dizi, under his baton, and the event achieved a new Guinness Book of Records as having the largest number of people playing the dizi at the same time. In May 2008, Chew led the Orchestra’s young artists in the concert Rising Stars of HKCO which highlighted the young and energetic side of the Orchestra and put it in a refreshingly new light.

His involvement in the education and development work of the Orchestra began when he became the conductor of the Hong Kong Junior Chinese Orchestra in 2003. Since then, he has also hosted many bilingual workshops to introduce Chinese music and Chinese instruments to audiences in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. In 2009, when the HKCO became a partner of the YouTube Symphony, Chew won rave response for his arrangement of Tan Dun’s Internet Symphony – Eroica for Chinese orchestra.

Chew took an interest in Chinese music when he was young, and was able to play many types of Chinese musical instruments when he was in secondary school. He received lessons in composition from Saw Boon Kiat of Malaysia and renowned composer Qian Zhaoxi of China before he went to the United States where he graduated from the Southeast Missouri State University with a double bachelor’s degree in cello performance and computer science in 1994. He went on to read a postgraduate course at the University of South Carolina, and was awarded a Master of Music degree in orchestral conducting in 1996. On returning home to Malaysia, he began his career in Chinese music conducting, and was Music Director of the Professional Cultural Center Orchestra (PCCO) of Malaysia. He was widely acclaimed when he guest conducted the Singapore Chinese Orchestra in the concert, A Nanyang Musical Voyage II, in March 2004.

Conducting aside, Chew is an award-winning composer as well. His works have characteristic features that demonstrate his Southeast Asian cultural heritage. He was second runner-up in the International Competition for Chinese Orchestral Compositions 2000 and winner of the Outstanding Composition Award in the Chinese Music Competition 2002 organized by the Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan.


現任香港中樂團駐團指揮。 2002年6月加入香港中樂團,積極協助大小演奏會指揮及編曲配器等工作。 2004年,指揮新加坡華樂團「南洋音樂之旅II」音樂會,大獲好評。 2005年,於「香港笛簫節」開幕式中,指揮五百多名樂手演出其作品《笛簫飛揚》,創下最多人同時演奏笛子的健力士世界紀錄。 2008年中,周氏聯同多位香港中樂團年青演奏家演出《HKCO菁英》音樂會,為觀眾帶來中樂的新面孔、新氣息。

2003年起,周氏擔任香港少年中樂團指揮一職,積極參與香港中樂團的教育系統發展;亦經常主持在本地及海外舉行的工作坊,以中、英語向觀眾介紹中國樂器及樂曲欣賞。 2009年,樂團應邀作為YouTube交響樂團合作夥伴,周氏編配譚盾作品《Internet Symphony – Eroica》中樂合奏版,效果令人擊節讚賞。


周氏中學時期已掌握多種民族樂器,後師從蘇照雄及錢兆熹學習作曲。 1990年赴美國東南密蘇裡州立大學攻讀電腦和音樂(主脩大提琴),取得雙學位後到南卡大學研究院,1996年獲音樂碩士(管弦樂團指揮)。畢業後回國即投入民族樂團的指揮及發展工作,擔任馬來西亞專藝民族樂團音樂總監。

Chow Jun Yi

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, JunYi Chow began studying piano and music theory at the age of 5. Chow studied at Central Conservatory of Music and Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and completed his Master’s degree in 2013.

Chow’s music has been lauded by Financial Times for its “skilful contrasts in both volume and texture”. Chow in his music compositions explores the indefinite possibilities of tone colour and sound. Chow’s thorough knowledge of skills and characteristics of both Chinese and Western instruments has made him a leading figure in merging music of East and West.

Chow was the Second Prize (First Prize vacant) of Taipei Chinese Orchestra International Composition Competition in 2010 with his Chinese Orchestra work, Kampung. In December 2010, his first symphonic work Getaran was commissioned and premiered by the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and was performed in “Past & Present” –a concert that toured Kuantan, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. In 2012, his Dialogue for Pipa, Alto Sheng and Western Ensemble was selected for Young Composers Project of Beijing Modern Music Festival. In the same year, Chow won the 1st prize of Singapore International Competition for Chinese Chamber Music Composition. Chow was also the finalist of 2013 United States ASCAP Morton Gould Prize. In March 2017, Chow’s Kampung and the City received the Grand Prize of Best Original Orchestra Work from Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra International Composition Competition, in addition to also the Best Orchestration award and The Orchestra Member’s Favorite Choice.

Chow is composer-in-residence for The TENG Ensemble in Singapore, a critically acclaimed group with Chinese traditional and electronics that “rework, innovate, update and redefine traditional music and to spark a passion for Singapore music for generations to come.” (The Strait Times) and released his album with The TENG Ensemble in 2016.

Chow’s music has been performed in many places, including Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, United States, and Canada.

As a pianist and cellist, JunYi plays classical repertoire as well as free improvisations.

More details about CHOW,please visit:  http://www.junyichow.com/

趙俊毅 Chow Jun Yi

1987年出生於馬來西亞吉隆坡,5歲開始學習鋼琴,中學參與民樂團,主脩大提琴,副修倍大提琴。 2005年赴中國北京中央音樂學院先後在秦文琛、陳崗和唐建平老師的指導下學習作曲。 2011年畢業於北京中央音樂學院作曲系本科後赴美國印地安納大學雅各音樂學院與旅美越南籍作曲家PQ Phan學習指導下就讀作曲系碩士研究生。目前多項作品已在馬來西亞、新加坡、中國、台灣、美國、加拿大等地方演出。

趙俊毅於2010年7月獲得馬來西亞歌德協會的讚助並赴德國達姆施塔特參與現代新音樂國際夏令營。同年被馬來西亞國油青年愛樂團委約,新作品於2010年12月在馬來西亞各地巡迴演出。於2011年5月受邀至加拿大多倫多出席由多倫多新音樂室內樂團舉辦的《馬來西亞之夜》。 2012年10月在美國主辦了個人畢業作品音樂會。


The Founder of VIVO – LEM SIAW KIAT

1991 – Came into contact with Chinese music, started majoring in dulcimer and then percussion. Learnt percussion from Singaporean percussionist Wong Xi Xi, Lee Xiao Yun (Singapore Chinese Orchestra Dulcimer musician), Shi Xue Zhi (Lecturer from Xi`an conservatory of music), Wong Jian Hua (Professor from The Central Conservatory of Music), Choo Zong Qing, He Hong Qi, Wu Pei Qing.

2001 – Completed training from the short course Master class for Conductor organized by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Music Director Yan Hui Chang and PCCO Music Director Chew Hee Chiat.

2002~2005 – Repeatedly being invited to participated in various performances. Joined Nyoba Kan in performing percussion for a contemporary choreography entitled “The God of Wealth Arrives” as an impromptu creative street performance. Jointly invited with three children theatrical arts drama as the performing guests for International Theatrical Carnival the during Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival (ACT) . Participated in the composition and live performance of a children drama entitled “Hansel and Gretel”; this subsequently won the Best Drama Music Composition Award. Involved in the choreography of Nyoba Kan entitled “Phoenix Rises”. Continuously being invited to perform in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Shanghai, and etc. ever since.

2005~2006 – Completed the 912 drama course, performing the drama entitled “A Failed Life”. Casted as the witch in “TAUKE – The Return of A-Mah”and different roles in a children drama entitled “亲自乐豆豆” which garnered widespread acclamation. Was invited to AIFM for an interview and live performance in June 2006, and received the Best Conductor Award in the National Chinese Orchestra Competition.

2007 – Received the Best Supporting Actress Award during the 6th award ceremony. Participated in a Singapore production entitled “Ah Long Pte Ltd”, which was directed by Neo Chee Keong. Produced creative works include: “Emotion” mini band, “Undergo” piano piece, “Kukumi” Hansel and Gretel original soundtrack, “Happiness” mini band, “Phoenix Rises-percussion improvisation”, “The God of Wealth Arrives- percussion improvisation”, “Xun” and “Mi” piano pieces, and “Funtasia 2 –scripts writer”.

March 2010 – Participated in the conductor class organized by Hong Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and hosted by Yan Hui Chang and Chew Hee Chiat .

April 2012 – Graduated from the conductor class jointly organized by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and hosted by Yan Hui Chang.

Note: Wumi is passionate about arts because of the opportunities arisen from creative works and learning experiences that allow her to notice her own weaknesses to break through and nurture her sense of adventure. This cannot be verbally expressed, especially in a country where veteran artists struggle to survive. Because it is never simple, Wumi needs to give all she has to manage and take care of her arts career. She is persistent about spreading the seeds of happiness to every corner of the world, to unleash the spirit of VEO – Playing music with our love, touching you with our passion.

大樂樂創辦人 – 林綉潔

1991年中三時期開始接觸華樂,開始時主修揚琴,之後專習打擊,期間曾隨新加坡王喜希老師,李曉元老師(新加坡華樂團揚琴演奏家)、史雪芝老師(西安音樂學院講師)專習揚琴、王建華老師(北京中央音樂學院教授)、朱宗慶老師,何鴻琪老師,吳佩青老師等學習打擊樂器等。 2001年結業於由香港中樂團音樂總監閻惠昌老師及專藝民族樂團音樂總監週熙傑老師所主持的“千禧指揮大師班”短期課程。

2002~2005年曾多次受邀參與不同類型的演出。隨馬來西亞壽板舞團以“財神到”現代舞做現場的遊街的即興打擊創作參與。 隨劇藝三個小孩話劇受邀到上海話劇節參與並任表演嘉賓之一。 後為兒童劇“糖果屋歷險記”創作現場音樂並以此創作於獲得“最佳戲劇原創音樂大獎”。為壽板舞團的“飛上枝頭變鳳凰”舞踏現場即興創作演出。後來曾多次到香港,印度尼西亞,新加坡等地演出。

2005年~2006年剛結業於912戲劇課程,演出劇名:“不及格的生活”。 後曾參與話劇作品有“神婆奶奶之重返人間”話劇中飾演神婆,同年曾參演“親自樂豆豆”的兒童劇,在戲裡扮演著不一樣的角色,深獲好評。 同年六月間受邀到第五台的AIFM接受采訪及做現場演奏。 同時也在2006年全國華樂合奏大賽榮獲最佳指揮獎。

2007年於第六屆的上又再一次獲得了“最佳戲劇女配角大獎”。 同年參演新加坡電影梁志強導演的作品“老師嫁老大”舞蹈員角色。曾創作的作品有:《 情緒》小樂隊 、《走過》鋼琴作品、《Kukumi》糖果屋歷險記兒童劇主題曲、《幸福》小樂隊、《飛上枝頭變鳳凰-打擊即興創作》、《財神到-打擊即興創作》、《尋》  《覓》鋼琴作品、《家人有樂2-創作劇本》。

2010年3月份 剛參與 香港中樂團與香港演藝學院主辦 由閻惠昌及周熙傑主持的指揮大師班中收穫良多2012年4月份結業於香港中樂團與香港演藝學院聯合主辦 由閻惠昌老師主持的指揮大師班中得到了學習的機會。

後記: 喜歡藝術,是因為喜歡創造和學習的過程中,看到自己的缺點,然後不停尋求突破、培養自己的冒險心態。 那一份感動非語言能形容,尤其是在馬來西亞搞藝術工作是不容易的。就因為不簡單,所以才需要花更多心思去經營和加以關注。 堅持把快樂的種子散播世界各地,發揮大樂樂精神【用生命玩音樂  用音樂感動你】。




大樂樂創意音樂工作室創立於 2003 年,為馬來西亞一支業餘實驗樂團,由林綉潔擔任藝術總監。大樂樂擅長把多變的曲風融合,傳統與創作並進,並以互動的方式呈現於舞台。「用生命玩音樂、用音樂感動你」一直是大樂樂招牌口號。 帶動觀眾接近音樂、瞭解音樂及愛上音樂,繼續傳承【大樂樂文化】引領民樂潮流。讓大樂樂邁向專業精神出發,繼續分享音樂、分享快樂。










大众对华乐的印象,大概就是老人家的玩意儿,也正是因为这样的刻板印象让年轻一辈的对华乐敬而远之。然而,我国有一支独特的华乐团,以创意多变的表演形式,改变了大众对华乐的刻板印象,他们就是大乐乐华乐团~~ 《大乐乐华乐团》

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Founded in 2003, Vivo Experimental Orchestra (VEO) is a Malaysian amateur experimental orchestra led by Stephanie Lem as Artistic Director. It is known for its seamless blending of eclectic music styles and of tradition and innovation showcased on an interactive platform.
In 2005, VEO won the Best Original Score at the Malaysian ADA Drama Awards with the children’s drama production, Hansel and Gretel. In 2010, VEO’s two ensembles won top and second runner-up positions in the Chinese Music Section at the 36th Klang Music Festival.
Between 2014 and 2016, VEO began exploring new concert formats. Two notable series are ‘Your Song My Story’ which featured new arrangements of oldies, and ‘The String Chamber Concert’, which totally broke away from traditional concepts with a full programme of Chinese string ensemble music only. These were followed by a music theatre, originally conceived and performed by VEO as part of the Pangkor Island Festival in October 2016. Two months later, in December, VEO members also participated in the Pulau Ketam International Arts Festival as leaders in the Youth Art Life Camp.
“Playing music with our love, touching you with our passion” has always been VEO’s motto in its bid to bring the audience closer to music, and help them understand and fall in love with it. As the orchestra’s Chinese name suggests, it is an effort to perpetuate the Chinese concept that “the greatest love of music is to share it”, and set the trend in modern Chinese music.



大众对华乐的印象,大概就是老人家的玩意儿,也正是因为这样的刻板印象让年轻一辈的对华乐敬而远之。然而,我国有一支独特的华乐团,以创意多变的表演形式,改变了大众对华乐的刻板印象,他们就是大乐乐华乐团~~ 《大乐乐华乐团》

Posted by TV2《前线视窗》 on 5hb September 2017